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Why Not Round?

"I have done a rough price comparison using a job built plywood form vs. Pocket Form Isolator. My comparison came up favorable to the isolation form. I have tried to factor in all associated costs involved with plywood, but found it hard to put a cost to the comfort and ease of setting the PFI and walking away. I am confident that PFI will show the largest gains in this area."
Rick Hoover
J.E. Dunn Construction Co.
St. Louis, MO


Since the year 1920, and possibly even earlier; this plan view has been a standard, common sight on architectural and structural dwgs.

Similarly, this section has been the standard on many projects for the same length of time.It looks easy when it is on paper.

Unfortunately, cave-ins and wasted concrete is the normal result when wooden forms are removed...
It was easier on paper!

In order to prevent cave-ins, many contractors turn-down the slab edge prior to removal of the wood forms. This wastes lots of concrete!

POCKET FORM ISOLATOR has changed the way many contractors build isolation pockets. It saves lots of money, time and labor!

POCKET FORM ISOLATOR has made the pains of working with isolation pockets be a bad memory from the past! Now, contractors can use state-of-the-art formwork technology that is available at unbelievably low costs. Look closely at the savings of labor (easily assembled and no removal),savings of time (again, no removal - in some cases cast pockets & slabs in the same pour!) and better quality control.

Remember the original "Cordless Drill"?
Probably Not.
So, why are you STILL using old technology?

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